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am radio static, wired on you, AK47, no time for hornets & every other night are songs steven played with the rock city symptom, recorded in early 2004 at randy boyd's home studio in little rock. the rock city symptom: steven calhoun- guitar/ vocals, alan “disaster” wilkins- guitar/ backup vocals, jeremy brasher- bass & brandon markin- drums.

needle exchange & alone together are the first two original songs that Steven recorded vocals on as the lovely departed. recorded in 2003 on a 4-track in an upstairs bedroom of the mansion – a house Steven shared with friends at 1300 w. 3rd st. in little rock. the lovely departed: steven- guitar/ vocals & lloyd benjamin- bass/ drums.

steven recorded love on the run with Queen cobra at the mansion in 2004. alan disaster wrote the guitar parts & steven came up with the lyrics. Queen cobra: steven- vocals, alan disaster- guitar, andy conrad- guitar, ryan “straw” britton- bass & jon rice- drums.

cell blocks & your voice were recorded on a laptop while traveling on an amtrak train from nyc to atlanta in the fall of 2005. steven & lloyd composed all of the music on the moving train & improvised the lyrics. if you listen closely to cell blocks, you can hear the sound of the rails under the drum track. steven- guitar/ vocals & lloyd benjamin- keys/ bass/ guitar.

satellite & carolina were recorded in the bathroom of steven's nyc apartment sometime during 2005. satellite was inspired by steven's discovery of google earth where he imagined that he could spy on cute girls from outer space.“thanks google earth!” steven did all the vocals and guitar work.

catching stars, fall down south & way to you were songs that steven recorded at home in nyc & was still “noodling around” with in january 2006.

catching stars is the final song that Steven recorded. in it he sings:
“i'm not coming home tonight– so i'm gonna catch you a star.”

“steven calhoun was a star" he was a star to his friends, family, and everyone he touched. we are left with a legacy of his love in these songs.”
- rick calhoun

All songs by steven calhoun except a.m. radio static, no time for hornets & love on the run by steven calhoun and alan disaster. needle exchange, alone together, cell blocks & your voice by steven calhoun & lloyd benjamin.

remix engineer - danny smith

mastering mix engineer - mike heavner

artwork - steven & lizzy calhoun, lily darragh & drew conrad

liner notes - lizzy & rick calhoun

produced by mark calhoun & heidi schwab

thanks to lloyd benjamin, alan disaster, katherine coates, lily darragh, alieja trout, drew conrad & joh larue for help with getting all of this together.

thanks to all of steven's friends in little rock, memphis & nyc for your continued love & support.

thanks to heidi wchwab, mike pinner & the calhoun family for nurturing steven's music & art for all of these years.

and steven we'll miss your swagger.